Monday, March 30, 2009



What is Google maps? Now abdulmajidhamid want explan for you, read carefully.

Google Maps (for a time named Google Local) is a free web mapping service application and technology provided by Google that powers many map-based services, including the Google Maps website, Google Ride Finder, Google Transit, and maps embedded on third-party websites via the Google Maps API. It offers street maps, a route planner for traveling by foot, bicycle, car, or public transport and an urban business locator for numerous countries around the world. It also can help with finding businesses.
A related product is Google Earth, a stand-alone program for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, SymbianOS, and iPhone OS which offers more globe-viewing features

Only this first Abdulmajidhamid share to you. May useful.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Since the release in may 6 months ago, Google Friend Connect is now available in beta. Service is carried to facilitate and build a social community if this be similar to the blogger FOLLOWER. Which makes it different, Google Friend Connect is not limited only to Google users (including bloggers), but only on Yahoo, AOL and open id can also take advantage of this social network features.

How google Friend Connect is able to increase traffic to your blog?

Like other social communities that have been widely used as blog catalog and mybloglog, Friend Connect can also be said as a communicator and lets you interact directly with one another. With the add Friend Connect, the owner of the site / blog can see, invite, and interact with their garden-friend who joined the social network sites such as Facebook, Google Talk, Hi5, Orkut, and Plaxo. Adding this feature is, of course your blog will become more interactive which will ultimately increase traffic sites. To learn more please heading directly to this address

If you wish, invite all the faithful readers to join in the Google Friend Connect (GFC) owned. Very easy to do, you just click the "Follow" and follow the next instruction. Who have joined iam say many thanks. a blogger-:)

Friday, March 27, 2009


In addition as a tool to explore the site in fact we can also use a search engine for many other purposes. Some of them even quite far from the related search function, such as unit conversion and currency and weather information. Features that make us never need to go from site search engine. This probably reinforces Google as the place to ask first.

Although not yet complete competitors Google, Yahoo Search, have part of the same features. Special information for weather forecast from Yahoo even better. Because it's good that we look also features their search. Moreover, Yahoo is a portal that is quite popular in Indonesia.

  • Currency Conversion

Want to travel abroad and need to know how quickly the value of rupiah exchange rate against U.S. dollars (or other foreign currency) at this time? Check it on Google. Search engine have already integrated currency converter. For example a value of 1 to know how many U.S. dollars (code: USD) in rupiah (code: IDR) to just type in the search box in USD IDR 1.

This conversion can be done for any value of the currency. For example, at this time we are pocketing Rp 150,000.0 money and want to know how much value in Japanese yen. Type 150000 in IDR JPY.

So far the search is done by typing the code currency. What if we do not know? No search, just type the full name directly. So in the example above the type 1 U.S. dollar in rupiah.

To do the same at Yahoo Search type keywords in the form of the following: convert [number] [curency1] to [curency2]. So for example if we want to know how many Rp 150,000.00 Pounds Sterling in type only convert rupiah to 150,000 Pounds Sterling. If we want the code can also use the currency concerned.

Please note the currency conversion is not necessarily the same as that applicable in the money changer your subscription. Use the features of this search engine as preparation only.

  • Unit Conversion

Knowing conversion unit should be much easier than the currency conversion. At least one value does not change every day. However, in practice we are often confused when faced with a unit that is relatively rarely used. Create the Indonesia is a source Imperial (UK), such as inches, miles and feet, while a citizen of the other metrics, such as meter, kilogram, and Celsius even make headaches. Not-unit unit like the exotic and the parsec erg.

When you have computer problems with this conversion easily overcame. How to use exactly as currency conversion. So if you want to know is how many inches 1 centimeter in Google type 1 inch in centimetre. On Yahoo type convert centimetre to 1 inch.

  • Weather Information

Weather forecast can be found on both Google and Yahoo. However, India made the weather information from Yahoo probably far more useful, because the weather information for cities in Indonesia is much more complete.

To display the weather information from Yahoo type in a keyword in the following form: [keyword], [state] weather. So to know the weather type in Yogyakarta in Yogyakarta, Indonesia weather.

  • Calculator

May feel that this is not useful, because almost all computers are equipped with a calculator application. But if you still using the browser, just type your calculation in the search engines, both Yahoo and Google. Use the operator +, -, * and / for the Answer, reduction, multiplication and division. Functions such as promotion, root, logarithm, factorial and is also supported. Read also more information about the Google calculator.

  • Time

Want to call colleagues, friends, family or abroad? Find out first how many hours there. No need to fuss, just use the search engine Google or Yahoo. Type a keyword in the form of time in [city]. So make time to know in Paris, France during this time type in Paris, France


Recently Google released a new version of an application is a very useful, Google Earth 5.0.
In this new version of google earth appears more complete, such as sea view a more complete (also in the display / sea floor, data and video), the difference between the image / image that appears at this time with the past, touring and 3D Mars
Previous version of Google Earth is 4.3 and version 5.0 adds the new things that we consider reasonable. Next more.
Although the previous version of Google Earth also includes the sea view, but this version of google start giving many additional image detail, including sea floor, so that we can see the bottom of the sea surface and explore the various angles and in the midst seabed. It also provided thousands of data including image and video of marine life.
To view the sea sufficient detail that a lot of google cooperation institutions such as: National Geographic, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, the U.S. Navy, Scripps Oceanography, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and others. But whether it is only in this version 5.0? certainly not, Google also added some interesting new features in this version, namely:
  • Historical Image. During this google only show only one image of the place and time given. With these new features, we can rewind or advance the time, the view to see the changes after several years or decades ago. Although not all the detail and available, but the city such as Jakarta have already
  • Touring, which allows us to make a recording or guide the narrative along, from one place to another, which then can result in the sharing to other people, to run in there and then
  • 3D Mars, after adding features Sky (sky), this time adding new features google the collaboration with NASA, Mars 3D. By selecting "Mars" from the toolbar google earth, we can see (access) view the Red Planet this resolution with the latest high at this time. Including surface and the information / sign aircraft landing and other interesting features


What you have in mind, if I mention the word Google?
Ya, in your mind sure that there is a Search Engine. For those of you who do not know, Google is a search engine, which we can explore things that we do not know by entering keywords related to things that we want to search through google.

One time, my friend on college ask. He said he was very difficult task to find on the internet. And he asks how to find in Google is good and true.

Actually, the problem is just that our keyword input. For example when I ask you to explore how understanding of the hacker? About what keywords you want to input?. Experience from the survey that I do from friends on campus. To get the hackers, they will enter a keyword in google The Hacker. We try to see the results if we include keywords such as that. -> (for Seeing the results, please try your own).

Look at the results, a search like this I think is less effective, because the information that we actually do not want will still be displayed by Google. If we enter a keyword such as The Hacker above, then Google will display a web that contains the words and understanding word Hacker.

To overcome this problem, you can change the keyword to "The hackers" (the quotes are written). Because the keywords such as Google then it will display the web that contain the word hacker. I think you are definitely familiar with this method.

But, I have one more way that more effectively, according to this.
The first thing that must be observed is in Google we intend to seek answers, not questions. To the question when we have The Hacker, usually we will reply with the Hacker is ... ..
It is essentially here. To quickly find information about the hackers. We just enter keyword "Hacker" (the quotes are written). Then Google will display the web in which the word hacker is ... .. -> (for Seeing the results, please try your own).

From the above, we see that we can directly obtain the understanding of the hacker exactly. I am sure, you certainly more creative than me. For that, you must continue to try ok ...?

Enough .... STOP! I know you protest, because I did not explain the operator-service special Google other. Slowly ... now I will start explain to you.

Syntax allows us to search based on title or title of web pages.

Syntax allows us to search based on the url.

Syntax is used to limit the search to a specific site or domain.

Syntax is used to help us to limit the search to files with specific extensions.

Syntax will show the web pages that have links to certain sites.

This syntax can help us to make the search for particular words in accordance with a keyword on the website of the course.

In terms of Google as a search engine, I think is quite what I have been given above. For that, I will try to further explain about Google Hacking.

According to my Google Hacking Dorks or Google (whatever his name ) is very unusual. Why do I say such?... Because only through the Google search engine we can get the database, do deface, etc..

Oke, now we start with the keyword first, namely:
Intitle: "administrator" log out
Intitle: "administrator" "Log out"

Keyword from the above, I intend ordered Google to search the web page titled administrator posted on the page and log out there is the word. I think now you have started what I mean understand it.

From the result of Google, I can finally enter the ADMIN space, without having to login first course. However, not all of the Google result page successfully. It is a good idea if you try one by one. easy?

Now we go with the second keyword :
site:. inurl: admin
Keyword from the above, I intend ordered Google to find web pages that the URL in the admin and there is a word search is limited to the web that have a domain.

You surely already know the domain. Is my domain belongs Malay nation.. I apologize. This is just a coincidence only. In fact many of the result page for keywords that work.

From the result shown by Google, we can enter the room without ADMIN must be logged in first and there is also a need to login. But do not worry, for if you are forced to login, try this:
Login ID: admin
Password: admin
Remember ..!!! not all of them successfully ... essentially we need to go back to Article I, that is to try, try, and try.

To further our keyword you use a third, namely:
site:. inurl: admin

Does not vary much with the second keyword. But the keyword in the third we restrict the search domain.

I think, this article is enough to add us a little insight about Google, some of Google as a search engine.
If there is a mistake I apologize as big.